Competition Law in the European Communities - Articles - Case 23 - 2000

                                             Issue Number 23 (2000)





1999/2000 Index


January 2000

Block Exemption (Vertical Restraints)Commission Regulations
Misleading Information (Various) The Deutsche Post Case
State Aids (Motor Vehicles) The Volkswagon Case


February 2000
Acquisions (Telecommunications) The Bellsouth Cases
Acquisitions (Aggregates) The Anglo-American Tarmac Case
Acquisitions (Banks) The BSCH Case
Acquisitions (Retail Chains) The Carrefour Promodes Case
Acquisitions (Retail Chains) The Kesko Case
Mergers (Electricity) The VEBA VIAG Case


March 2000

Dominant Position (Computer Software) the Microsoft Case
Dominant Position (Remailing) The Deutsche Post Case
Mergers (Telecommunications) The MCI Worldcom Sprint
Procedure (Plastic Bottles) The Stork Case


May 2000

Horizontal Agreements (All Industries) Commission Drafts
Internet Access Commission Recommendation
Price Fixing (Customs Agents) The CNSD Case
State Aids (All Industries) Commission Survey
Supply Restrictions (Flowers) The VBA Case


June 2000

Abuse of Dominant Position (Mail) The Deutsche Post Case
Acquisitions (Motor Vehicles) The GM Saab Case
Price-Fixing (Lysine) The ADM Case
Relevant Market (Float Glass) The Kish Glass Case
State Aids (Motor Vehicles)


July 2000
Distribution (Educational Material) The Nathan Case
Distribution Agreements (Motor Vehicles) The VW Case
Fines (Chemical Pulping) The Mitsubishi Case
Mergers (General) Commission Review
Mergers (Internet) The AOLTime Warner Case
Production Agreements Commissions Draft Guidelines


August 2000

Liberalisation (Postal Services) Commission Statement
Marketing Agreements Commissions Draft Guidelines
Predatory Pricing (Postal Services) The Deutsche Post Case
Refusal To Supply (Software) The Microsoft Case (2)
State Aids (Cereals) The EPAC Case


September 2000

Cooperation Agreements (Motor Vehecles) The GMFiat Case
Dominant Position (Pension Schemes) The Pavlov Case
Pricing Policy (Leased Lines) Commission Inquiry
Pricing Policy (Motor Fuel) Commission Memorandum


October 2000

Acquisitions (Food) The Unilever Bestfoods Case
Dominant Position (Insurance) The Woude Case
Export Restrictions (Motor Vehicles) The Opel Case
Export Restrictions (Motor Vehicles) The Triumph Case
Market Sharing (Brewing) The Brewers Cartel Case
Mergers (Recording) The EMI Time Warner Case
Procedure Draft Council Regulation
Purchasing Agreements Commission Draft Guidelines
Rebates (Parcel Services) The Deutsche Post Case


November 2000

Acquisitions (Oil) The Totalfina Elf Case
Annulment (Cartonboard) The KNP Case
Joint Ventures (Postal Services) The Post Offices Case
Pricing Policy (Cartonboard) The Cascades and Other Case
Standardisation Agreements Commission Draft Guidelines


December 2000
Annulment (Chemicals) The Bayer Case
Environmental Agreements Commission Guidelines
Implementing Rules Commission Proposal






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