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Volume 9: Legislative History


9--IV--1 Trademark Protection and Practice H.R. 4273


H.R. 4273


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Unites States of America in Congress assembled. That section 17 of the Act of July 5, 1946, entitled ''An Act to provide for the registration and protection of trade--marks used in commerce, to carry out the provisions of certain international conventions, and for other purposes'' (60 Stat. 434), as amended August 8, 1958 (72 Stat. 540), and January 2, 1975 (88 Stat. 1949), 15 U.S.C. 1067, is amended by deleting the second sentence and substituting therefor: ''The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board shall include the Commissioner, the Deputy Commissioner, the Assistant Commissioners, and other persons competent in trademark law who shall be appointed as members.''


SEC. 2. This amendment shall become effective on the date of its enactment. Members of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board on the date of enactment shall continue to be members under and in accordance with the provisions of section 17 of the Act of July 5, 1946, as amended, in effect immediately preceding the date of enactment.