one Credit Summer Session
Professor: Susan Bodine Exam Date: June 20, 1997


This is an open book and note exam. Each question is worth the number of points in the left hand- margin adjacent to that question. Please write the question number next to your answer in the blue books. Your answers may be brief - its the content that counts.

Good Luck!


-Pts -

2 1) What are three (3) current trends influencing all aspects of the entertainment business?

3 2) Give an example of the way technological advances can cause contract disputes in the entertainment business.

2 3) What are the three (3) general stages in the business life of a motion picture?

2 4) Compare the function of an "agent" in the motion picture business to the function of an "agent" in the music industry,

2 5) What is the difference between a "business manager" and a "manager" in the music industry?

2 6) Why would a client want their entertainment lawyer to be in a position of "conflict of interest"?

2 7) When a motion picture studio engages a screenwriter to write an original screenplay which party generally owns the copyright in such screenplay?

3 8) If a screenwriter assigns his screenplay to a motion picture studio , and the resulting motion picture is later used as the basis for a television series, is the writer entitled to further compensation, and if so, briefly describe the standards therefor.

2 9) What procedures do screenwriters and producers generally use to resolve credit disputes?

4 10) Briefly describe two (2) methods of financing used by independent producers for motion pictures.

3 11) How can the financier of a motion picture guarantee that the picture will be finished and delivered?

3 12) What kind of protection can a producer obtain for the title of a motion picture, if any?

4 13) Describe the function of an Errors & Omissions insurance policy for a motion picture,

4 14) Describe the revenue streams generally included in the calculation of "Gross Receipts" by a major motion picture studio.

Clients/final exam 6/20/97