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The following series of Users Guides was published by Professor Jon Cavicchi and the IP Library Staff so that our patrons can use the library resources in an efficient and timely manner. We hope this series offers you assistance. More guides will be added to the series soon.

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  1. Finding Case Law Using the United States Patent Quarterly.
  2. Updating IP Law Using Shepard's Intellectual Property Law Citators.
  3. How to Locate IP Periodicals
  4. IP Periodicals Available at FPLC
  5. Finding a Job in the Intellectual Property Field
  6. Organization of The Treatise Collection
  7. Shelf List of Selected IP Titles
  8. The PIPA Papers Index
  9. The Index for Les Nouvelles
  10. IP Government Documents held by FPLC
  11. Famous U.S. Patents
  12. IP Legislative History
  13. Homer and Jean Blair Collection of United States Patent Models
  14. Intellectual Property Titles in the FPLC Microfiche Collection
  15. Intellectual Property Treatise Collection
  16. IP CD/DVD Collection at Pierce Law IP Library
  17. List of Titles Related to Licensing Software
  18. List of Titles Related to Patenting Business methods
  19. Titles for Managing Intellectual Property Assets
  20. List of Selected E-commerce Titles
  21. List of Selected Entertainment Law Titles
  22. Suggested References Directed At The Doctrine of Fair Use in Copyright Law
  23. User Guide for Domain Name Registrations
  24. Suggested Titles Related To the Treatment of Intellectual Property in the International Arena
  25. Suggested Titles on IP Valuation and Royalty Determination
  26. Suggested Titles on the Subject of Trade Secret
  27. Suggested Titles on the Subject of Trademark Licensing
  28. Suggested Titles on the Subject of IP And Antitrust Issues
  29. Technology Transfer Journals
  30. Treatises held by Franklin Pierce Law Center Library on Traditional Knowledge and Related Topics
  31. Copyright and Libraries : A Bibliography

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