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Priority of Invention and the AIA

IP Mall content used research resources in in the prestigious Thomson treatise,
The America Invents Act: A Guide to Patent Litigation and Patent Procedure, 2015-2016 ed.

AIA Guide

IP Mall content used research resources in in the prestigious Kluwer treatise,
Priority of Invention and the AIA

Jessica Neville
"Professor Cavicch...I recently found the treasure trove
of U.S. Copyright Office Board of Review Decisions at the IP Mall.
I just had to reach out to tell you that I am SO EXCITED to have found this.
What an amazing resource! I feel like I've been let in on a really good secret.
Thank you so much for all that you are doing!
Keep up the great work! [October 2015]"

Jessica A. Neville
Jessica Neville

Law Journals

The IP Mall Congressional Research Service Collection
was used as a research source in recent articles in these
three prestigeous law journals


IP Mall Decisions of the
U.S. Copyright Office's Appeals Board Collection
used as a research source in the prestigious pracitioner tool
Copyright Litigation Handbook (Thomson West 2015)

Law Journals

The IP Mall Sports Law Repository
was used as a research source in recent
articles in these three prestigious law journals


The IP Mall Legislative History Collection
was used as a research source in recent articles in
these three prestigeous law journals

Paul Cole, Esq.

"The IP Mall is a SUPERB asset and I downloaded and used some of the
books on the Mall when preparing the 6th Edition of the Chartered
Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) [professional and examining body
for patent attorneys in the UK] Guide and also when writing an inventive
step article. It is definitely a resource that others in the UK should
know about * anything with a first edition of Terrell that you can
access for free is really useful."
- Paul Cole, Esq.
Paul Cole, Professor to BU's Centre for Legal Studies
is the founding editor of the publication Intellectual Property
and author of the book Fundamentals of Patent Drafting,
published CIPA.


"Featured alongside the USPTO,
Findlaw and the Electronic Frontier Foundation...
The IP Mall provides a huge library of articles
and links on intellectual property, copyright, technology
transfer, and many other issues...
definitely worth a look."
MSU Libraries
"The IP Mall serves as a centralized resource
for information about [IP]...to help attorneys,
academics, and entrepreneurs quickly locate relevant
IP resources."
Michigan State University Libraries
UF College of Journalism
"IP Mall is a critically acclaimed
site containing many educational
resources and research links on intellectual property"
University of Florida College of
Journalism and Communications

US State Dept
"The IP Mall is an internationally acclaimed
IP resource Web site providing information and links
to the most valuable online resources in the world."
Intellectual Property: Yours, Mine, and Ours
Google Answers
Google Answers
Question: What are the best information sources
for intellectual property and asset (IPAM)
processes and benchmarks?
Answer: IP Mall"

US Dept of Education
Pennsylvania Law Weekly
"A Web site that has received a lot of praise for its comprehensiveness
is the Intellectual Property Mall...
a law school Web site rich in resources.."

IP Dojo
IP Dojo Explains IP to Inventors & Businessmen.
Intellectual Property Mall is an excellent resource
for those seeking additional knowledge
regarding intellectual property.
U of Delaware
University of Delaware Library
A centralized resource for information about IP providing tools and strategies for research [and] a comprehensive index
of resources available on the Internet.

US Dept of Education
U.S. Department of Energy Innovation Portal
A comprehensive compilation of articles, audio and visual materials,
academic outlines and court-related documents and rules relating
to intellectual property.

US Dept of Education
"7 Intellectual Property Resources Every Freelancer Should Know About -
The IP Mall provides a huge library of articles and links on intellectual property,
copyright, technology transfer, and many other issues...definitely worth a look."

FreeLaw : An important rationale for the lack of copyright in judicial opinions is the belief that the public should have free access to the laws they are commanded to obey.
But lack of copyright is not the same thing as providing access. The Internet is beginning to solve the access problem, although difficulties remain...A number of companies and
organizations beside the well-known paid services of Westlaw and LEXIS/NEXIS have stepped in to fill the void...Franklin Pierce Law [Center] has an extensive
online library of material related to IP, called the IP Mall.

William Patry is Senior Copyright Counsel, Google Inc. Formerly copyright counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on the Judiciary, formerly Policy Planning Advisor
to the Register of Copyrights, formerly Law Professor, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law; author of numerous treatises and articles.
Jon M. Garon, Dean and Professor of law at Hamline University School of Law in Normative Copyright: A Conceptual Framework For Copyright Philosophy And Ethics, Cornell Law Review:
"The Franklin Pierce Law Center IP Mall demonstrates an ideal example of free ideas, information, and content provided for communal use by an academic institution and its faculty members. As a faculty member, I and most of my colleagues try to assure that our work can be posted to the IP Mall without restrictions by our publishers or others."

Dr. Anatole Krattiger

"The IP Mall is so totally...super.
Utterly unbelievable."

Dr. Anatole Krattiger, Research Professor,
Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University;
Adjunct Professor, Cornell University, Editor in Chief,
Intellectual Property Management in Health and Agricultural Innovation : a handbook of best practices.

Numerous IP Mall resources are featured on the Social Sciences pages of Intute, "a service providing access to the very best Web resources for education and research, evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists."
El IP Mall es un recurso internacionalmente aclamado IP Sitio web que proporciona la información y se vincula a los recursos en línea más valuosos en el mundo. El IP Mall se vincula a una colección única de recursos de propiedad intelectual servidos encima de por el Centro de Derecho de Franklin Pierce.
FONDEF de Conicyt
Sistema de Alerta Tecnologica

Intellectual Property for Paralegals
Select Chapter Resource:
Pierce Law's IP MALL with excellent information
and articles and links to other IP sources
Intellectual Property for Paralegals, the Law of Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, and Trade Secrets, by Deborah Bouchoux
The Journal of High Technology Law
The IP Mall from Franklin Pierce Law Center. A truly impressive resource providing links to "the most valuable online resources in the world."
The Journal of High Technology Law (JHTL) was founded
in 1998 by Suffolk University Law School

"Excellent site for legal aspects of intellectual property. Geared toward lawyers & law students, there is a wealth of information and links to more sources of information. Includes current news & court decisions"
NPR Online
"The Franklin Pierce Law Center Intellectual Property Information Mall definitely worth visiting. It contains an annotated guide to Intellectual Property Law, basic U.S. Intellectual Property information, and even the IP Librarian's Research Tools and Strategies Corner."
Prospecting the Internet for Intellectual Property Information, NPR Online Brad J. Loos, Morrison & Foerster, LLP in Palo Alto, California
Boalt Hall
"First, let me thank your for providing this resource.
Your website has proven an incredibly valuable research tool.
Aaron Perzanowski, Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic."
Boalt Hall
Musicians' Intellectual Law & Resources Links
"The Franklin Pierce Law Center Intellectual Property Mall is definitely worth a visit. This site has an extensive listing of copyright, and other, intellectual property resources."
Musicians' Intellectual Law & Resources Links
Ranked at the top of the list of most popular
intellectual property legal information resource on the Web .
Information Today, Inc.
Congressional Research: Service Reports Revealed
November 1, 2005
Featured Subject Reposity for CRS Reports : "...internationally acclaimed intellectual property resource, provides information and links to valuable online resources. The CRS reports available through the IP Mall at Franklin Pierce Law Center concentrate on intellectual property, telecommunications, and technology topics."
Information Today
Duke Law
This web site is highly recommended as a starting point for conducting general intellectual property research. The web site contains links to Congressional Research Service documents on intellectual property law and select legislative histories... the IP Mall "Web Links by Topic" contains a plethora of information and links to various sub-specialties in intellectual property law.
The Virtual Chase
The Franklin Pierce Intellectual Property Mall - This site offers the most comprehensive collection of IP links available on the Internet.
Meyers Consulting Services
FPLC Intellectual Property Mall - of vital interest to us all doing business on the Internet
Stategic Marketing : An Overview Based on 25 Years
presented by Barbara Meyers, President, Meyers Consulting Services at the Association of American University Presses Annual Meeting
Murdoch University
The FPLC Intellectual Property Mall Professor Jon Cavicchi's from Franklin PierceLaw Center (FPLC) has constructed an excellent intellectual property research site, with substantial and quality information and discussion in the area as well as useful IP links.
Anne Greenshields, Librarian - Law, Murdoch University
Jenkins Law Library
The Franklin Pierce Law Center [IP Mall] is...a law school Web site rich in resources...helpful to both the intellectual property novice as well as the experienced practitioner.
Michael Sweeney, Reference Librarian, Jenkins Law Library. Founded in 1802, Jenkins Law Library is the nation's oldest law library.
Larry J. Guffey - Patent Attorney
Pierce Law Center IP Mall is an excellent intellectual property law site, with much information... Start here and you'll be well on your way to linking to all of the most informative IP sites. You'll also get a better impression of the extent of the amount of IP material available on the Internet than if you start with one of the many other sites which have many fewer linkages.
Larry J. Guffey
Patent Attorney
American Bar Association
Franklin Pierce Law Center's IP websites are receiving high praise. In particular, it's "IP Mall" site is considered among the best in the intellectual property field.
3M Worldwide
I am writing to tell you how much I like the Pierce Law IP News Blog. I host a monthly in-house trademarks round-table discussion here at 3M and I find this news blog provides me with a wealth of material to discuss.
Lisa N. Thompson
Office of Intellectual Property Counsel
3M Innovative Properties Company

Ali-Aba Web Reports:
The IPNew Blog Chosen - one of the Best IP News Site
By Glenn S. Bacal, J.D., M.B.A.*Co-Chair,
Intellectual Property Department, Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, P.L.C.

IP News Blog : The folks at Pierce Law's IP Mall bring this site to you. The blawg is not only packed with information, it has a great look to it.
New York Civil Law Blog
May 19, 2004
Law Technology News   The National Law Journal
WORTH THE SURF, Protecting IP; A Sprawling Online Industry Has Emerged
New York Law Journal April 13, 2004, Vol. 70; Pg. 5
Robert J. Ambrog, Esq., Vice president of editorial services for Jaffe Associates. This article first appeared in Law Technology News, an affiliate of the Law Journal.
University of North Carolina
The IP Mall is an incredible aggregation of content related to intellectual property, copyright, e-commerce law, and related issue.
Brian Carroll, Digital Reference Center for E-business & E-commerce hosted at UNC Chapel Hill, is an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Berry College and Adjunct Professor of Journalism at the University of North Carolina.
The Pierce Law patent law program and IP Mall is a great public service.
Paul F. Morgan
Assistant General Patent Counsel
Xerox Intellectual Property Law Department
An excellent collection of Congressional Research Service Reports concerning intellectual property, cyberlaw, and electronic commerce.  Franklin Pierce Law Center's Intellectual Property Mall is a comprehensive collection of intellectual property resources, including a useful list of e-commerce law links. The IP Mall is a great starting point for research on intellectual property issues.
A great source of information can be found at the Intellectual Property Mall section of the Franklin Pierce Law Center website where access to most patent websites can be found.
Ron Kaminecki
Fortune Magazine
FORTUNE Magazine
Featured Site
Special Issue - Technology Guide
November, 1999
One of the Internet's best sites devoted to intellectual property
The Internet Lawyer, May 2000

Google rates the importance of the IP Mall alongside
the American Intellectual Property Association, International Trademark Association
and Intellectual Property Owners Association as one step
below the United States Patent and Trademark Office and World Intellectual Property Organization Websites.
Internet Law ResearcherThomson West
Mall has been a Featured Site in 1998, 2002 and 2006. Melanie Putnam and Ken Kozlowski state, "It's an A-list resource...[t]he Pierce Law IP Mall is internationally acclaimed and provides a host of intellectual property resources and links to the most valuable IP resources in the world. New Hampshire's Franklin Pierce Law Center keeps improving its pioneering IP Web site. In its latest rendition, Pierce Law's IP Mall has revised the look of its Web site into a navigable, content-filled site, and continued to fill the site with useful information...[t]he IP Mall links to a unique collection of intellectual property resources served up by the Franklin Pierce Law Center. Resources offered include some materials that are housed at the Center, but others that reach across international boundaries...t]he IP Mall Web Resources page is a researcher's paradise. All kinds of comprehensive Web link lists have been compiled...[t]here is much to explore at the IP Mall and the site should remain at the top of the IP researcher's list."
Glasser LegalWorks Interactive
Key Resource
Intellectual Property
IP Supersites - Franklin Pierce IP Mall. This IP Web Lecture starts at one of the finest IP schools in the U.S. -- the Franklin Pierce Law Center. Their IP Mall features a description of the school's IP holdings, an IP Web Pointer box containing a comprehensive listing of IP sites, and a collection of IP tools prepared by the school's students.
LEXIS Legal Education Web site
I haven't visited the FPLC IP Mall in a while, and I was absolutely blown away by my first look at your "academy" page ... for its thoroughness and beauty, and the effort you have gone to... to include an explanation of each site. Truly a unique effort and contribution.
David Cohen, Ph.D.
Immediate Access
Scout Report Selection
he FPLC Intellectual Property Mall--has been chosen as a selection for the Scout Report (August 14, 1998), the premier weekly collection of useful Internet sites for discerning Internauts.
Legal.online 5 Star rating
The Franklin Pierce Law Center's web page is the best source I have found for Patent Information links on the web.
Elyse Robinson,
Electronic Communications Committee Chair

Patent Information Users Group
The Franklin Pierce Law Center I.P.MALL is a premiere source for all kinds of Intellectual Property items.
Prof. Brian Smith & Prof. Dan Huttenlocher
Cornell University
One of the best IP sites on the net is the Intellectual Property Information Mall...
Glenn S. Bacal
Legal Research on the Internet
The Practical Litigator

March 1996
The Franklin Pierce Law Center Intellectual Property Information Mall may be one of the best sites currently on the Web for intellectual property information and research links...this is a must-have site for this area.
Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison
An excellent collection of intellectual property resources provided by the Franklin Pierce Law Center...
Peabody & Brown
Intellectual Property Mall -- everything you wanted to know and more -- from the Franklin Pierce Law Center-- Start here!
Prof. Charles D. Kay, Wofford College
The Franklin Pierce Law Center Intellectual Property Mall -- An unbelievable collection of links to information about intellectual property.
University of Texas System Copyright Management Center
Southern Technology Application Center
offering 'one stop shopping' for intellectual property professionals in academia, business and science, as well as for inventors and entrepreneurs.
Southern Technology Application Center
Well designed, easy to navigate site with all the resources law students and legal professionals need.
Top chosen academic IP site : "a law school Web site rich in resources"
Pennsylvania Law Weekly March 19, 2001"
Pennsylvania Lawyers Weekly
The new IP Mall site is "a fine, fine looking piece of work--logically organized, full of well-trimmed relevant info, and pleasing to look at. Very nice job."
Professor Hugh Gibbons, Law Professor and multimedia legal software designer
Comprehensive - a unique collection of intellectual property resources provided by the Franklin Pierce Law Center and others.
National Centre for Science Information
Comprehensive collection of sites and information on patents, copyright, trademarks, computers and technology transfer.
Cornell Law School
This is an internationally acclaimed resource providing information and links to the most valuable online resources in the world.
Association of Colleges and Resource Libraries
This internationally acclaimed IP resource Website links to a unique collection of intellectual property resources.
Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources
About the IP Mall Non Profit Tech Transfer Paper Series:
"I was very pleased to discover your December 2005 paper on ZFP
and ZFN patenting and licensing issues at the IP Mall website. You present
the issues in an organized way, and provide novel and cogent insights on each point.
The background on the Bayh-Dole legislation and the comparison of
the IP-law status of zinc finger proteins and other molecular biology
research-tool technologies were especially helpful to me."

Alastair Mackay PhD
SciGate - The IIsc Science Information Portal (NCIS)
Networked Scientific Information Sources and Services Info Watch Top Twenty Choice
SciGate - The IIsc Science Information Portal (NCIS)
Lewis & Clark Law School Library

Lewis & Clark Law School Library IP Research
calls the Mall an "Extensive collection of research guides,
forms, links to web resources, and lists of relevant print resources."
Lewis & Clark Law School Library
Michigan State University Libraries
Jon Harrison, Social Sciences Collections Coordinator, Michigan State University Libraries states,"Law Librarian and Assistant Clinical Professor of Law Jon R. Cavicchi created and manages the Intellectual Property Mall at the Franklin Pierce Law Center (FPLC), a law school in New Hampshire renowned for its focus on intellectual property law, issues, and policies. The IP Mall serves as a centralized resource for information about patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets...including resources related to publishing and electronic commerce as well as global directories for patent and trademark offices, IP agencies, and non-governmental organizations."
Michigan State University Libraries
Justin S. Brown, Assistant Professor - University of Florida Department of Telecommunication advises, "The IP Mall is a critically acclaimed site containing many educational resources and research links on intellectual property including such issues as copyright, trademark, patents and licensing."
University of Florida Department of Telecommunication

Nancy Delain, IP Attorney at LinkedinAnswers recommends
"Franklin Pierce Law Center's IP Mall, which contains a plethora
of information."

Featured Resource -
"Created at the prestigeous Franklin Pierce Law School"
... an extension of the home to the most extensive IP Library in the United States...
LiBLogs - Blogs at the University of Albany Libraries
IPR Helpdesk
Rated by the IPR Helpdesk along with the European Patent Office and the British Library as "Sites where IPR-awareness material is almost comprehensively referenced" The IP Mall is "[a]n example of useful IPR content not often found on the Internet..."
IPR Helpdesk
Rated by Private Law Librarians Perspectives along side Findlaw as an IP "megasites of IP material" ... "covering most every topic relating to IP law."
PPL - The Voice of the Private Law Librarian
Bacal's Internet Legal Research Guide states " One of the best Intellectual Property sites remains the Intellectual Property Information Mall"
American Law Institute / American Bar Assoiation
Top Site
Ranked #7 on the Best Intellectual Websites Directory by TopSitefile
ePatent Manager
"The IP Mall is an internationally acclaimed IP resource Website providing information and links to the most valuable online resources in the world."
ePatent Manager

University of Connecticut School of Law

University of Connecticut School of Law Library: "Comprehensive collection of IP-related web links, as well as a number of intellectual property resources not freely available on the web."
University of Connecticut School of Law

Featured Resources
The IPMall is a featured resource in all of these excellent treatises



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